Jake Gyllenhaal Spits All Over Jimmy Fallon in Gross 'Tonight Show' Sketch


What a mouthful! On Monday night, Jake Gyllenhaal visited The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon where the host brought up a lesser-known fact about the actor’s past.

“A lot of people probably don’t know this, but we were actually in a TV show together,” Fallon said.


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“Oh yeah, you mean Point Pleasant Police Department?” Gyllenhaal teased.

Fallon managed to “dig up” some old footage from the show, which featured the antagonistic policemen, Pete and Parker, loudly yelling at one another, spitting out their food and coffee, thanks to the plethora of “P” words.

“I love this coffee,” Gyllenhaal says. “It’s a perfectly percolated pot!”

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After several “clips” aired, the pair were covered in disgusting spit and crumbs. In the final scene, which was filmed during a writer’s strike, the two simply continued spitting food at one another until they burst out laughing. At one point, Gyllenhaal sprayed Fallon with ice cream in the face before emptying a milkshake onto his shoulder.

The sketch was reminiscent of one the late night host did with actress Sandra Bullock back in October in which she worked as an ice cream server with fake arms on a Canadian soap opera.