Caitlyn Jenner Meets Hillary Clinton for the First Time After Calling Her a 'Political Hack'

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Well, this could have been very awkward.

Caitlyn Jenner has been engaging in a one-sided #feud with Hillary Clinton throughout this season of I Am Cait -- dubbing the presidential candidate a "f**king liar" and "political hack." Now, in a clip from Sunday's episode, the two finally come face to face.

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Caitlyn and her posse were in Iowa for the Democratic debates when they ran into Hillary and posed for a photo together. The 66-year-old reality star tweeted the picture last week and said she was "willing to listen."

Previously, Caitlyn said she would never vote for Hillary and claimed the former Secretary of State "couldn't care less about women." Instead, she has come out in support of Republican Ted Cruz -- who has called equal treatment for trans students "lunacy" in the past -- and said Donald Trump would be "very good" for women's issues.

Now, Caitlyn may be having a change of heart.

"I have to admit, I think she's very good on transgender rights," she says, following the encounter.

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