Meg Ryan and Dennis Quaid's Son Jack Talks His 'Not Normal' Childhood and Parents' Divorce

Jack Quaid opens up about his parents' headline-making divorce.

Meg Ryan and Dennis Quaid's son, Jack Quaid, is getting candid about what it was like growing up with famous parents.

The 23-year-old Vinyl actor recognizes the fact that he had a different childhood experience than most during an interview with Theo Von and Matthew Cole Weiss for their Allegedly podcast, but says his A-list parents were still just "mom and dad" to him.

"I acknowledge fully that the way that I grew up was not normal," Jack says. "But at the same time, despite what my parents do, they're still a mom and a dad. They're not like characters at the dinner table. My dad has never been Jerry Lee Lewis at my graduation, nothing has gone down like that. I have perspective on it simply if all the other kids I grew up with had celebrity or actor parents, then I'd think, 'This is the world!'"

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However, he notes that it was harder to trust people.

"I would notice kids at school would want to be my friend for the wrong reasons," Jack shares. "I just kind of know who's a bulls**t artist immediately."

Jack also opens up about his parents' headline-making divorce in 2001, after 10 years of marriage. In a memorable 2008 InStyle interview, the When Harry Met Sally actress acknowledged having had an affair with her Proof of Life co-star, Russell Crowe, but claimed that Quaid was unfaithful to her during their marriage as well.

"My parents got divorced when I was eight," Jack recalls. It's one of those weird ages ... You're old enough to know what's going on, but young enough to be kind of naive about it."

Of course, his parents' fame ensured he couldn't be unaware for long.

"It's kind of hard to ignore when you're at a grocery store and you're like, checking out, and you see those People and In Touch magazines on the side," he explains. "And you look at them, and there's a photo of them with a little paper rip thing, that graphic image between them. If they hadn't told me about the divorce, I would've been like 'What's that?' as a kid."

"I mean ... it's a hard deal," he shares. "But, I mean, it's just as hard as any other divorce, really."

These days, both his parents have moved on. Quaid married his third wife, Kimberly Quaid, in 2004, and welcomed twins Thomas and Zoe in 2007. Ryan adopted her daughter, Daisy True, from China in 2006, and most recently, dated singer-songwriter John Mellencamp before reportedly splitting in 2014.

"Yeah, they see each other from time to time," Jack says about Ryan and Quaid's relationship these days. "Def for me."

"I'm a huge fan of both of their work," he adds.

ETonline recently caught up with Jack to promote his new HBO series, Vinyl, when he talked about the first time he realized his parents were famous.

"When I was a kid, I didn't really know having parents that are actors were in any way different from my friends' parents, who were lawyers," he said. "The moment where I realized it was slightly different was when I came to school one day, and I said, 'I was on set.' And they were like, 'You were on set?' I was like, 'Oh, is that a thing?' They were like, 'Yes, it's cool.' I think that was the moment I realized it was slightly different than what most parents do. I had a very normal childhood considering."

Jack also shared that his parents are fans of his edgy Vinyl role when ET chatted with him at the Vanity Fair and Fiat Brand's Young Hollywood Celebration in Los Angeles last month.

"Both of them have seen all the episodes so far and they're big fans, which is great!" he said.

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So, there's no covering up their eyes while watching their son in the drugs and sex-filled 1970s music drama?

"No, no. Not yet! Not yet!" he smiled.

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