This Photo of The Rock and Zac Efron Is All You Need In Life

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Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson and Zac Efron keep making us wish we were on the Baywatch set with them.

On Friday, Zac blessed us with an amazing selfie, taken alongside his former WWE co-star. The 28-year-old actor can be seen sticking out his tongue and pointing to The Rock, who's flashing his pearly whites.

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"Our faces say it all @baywatchmovie is NO JOKE! Beastmode @therock #Baywatch," Zac captioned the Instagram.

The beachside snap got us excited, but alas, the film isn't set to hit theaters until 2017. Luckily, Zac has kindly been giving us plenty of shirtless pictures from set to hold us over.

Like this gorgeous black-and-white shot:

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And this message for his equally buff co-star:

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Or even this one tire-flipping one that happens to feature The Rock:

While visions of Zac running shirtless in tiny red shorts dance in our heads, we are equally as excited about David Hasselhoff's return to the lifeguard crew -- and we're not the only ones! Zac totally fanned out earlier this week when the 63-year-old actor arrived on set.

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"Getting schooled. Wisdom from the original #Baywatch badass himself @davidhasselhoff," the High School Musical alum wrote on Instagram. "What an honor to meet #TheHOFF."

The Rock will be stepping into Hoff's iconic Baywatch role, playing Mitch Buchannon in the film reboot, while Zac will be taking on another one of the the TV show's original characters. Find out who he'll play in the video below.