Jessica Lowndes Isn't Really Dating Jon Lovitz -- It Was All to Promote Her New Music Video

The 27-year-old '90210' star released the NSFW music video co-starring the 'SNL' comedian.

If you suspected that Jessica Lowndes dating Jon Lovitz was a prank, you are correct.

The 27-year-old 90210 star fueled rumors that she was dating the 58-year-old comedian over the weekend, but finally fessed up that it was just to promote her new music video. "I know it's still the last week of March, but is it too early to say, 'April Fools'?" Lowndes asked in an Instagram video.

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Here's the NSFW video for "Deja Vu (Remix)," which features Lovitz as a delusional sugar daddy, Lowndes stripping down to various stages of undress, and a bizarro throwback to Pop-Up Video.

The Lifetime movie actress first teased the relationship -- we mean, started promoting her music video -- on Friday, captioning a photo, "His hands are wise and tell a thousand stories... #smitten #hatersgonnahate"

Check out more of their faux flirty social media posts in the video below.