EXCLUSIVE: Megan Fox Insists Her Sons Will Go to a Technology-Free School

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Megan Fox wants her sons to stay kids for as long as possible.

The actress has been outspoken about her views on technology’s bad influence in the past -- even  going on an explicit rant to ET on the set of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows last year about the dangers of social media. As Fox put it, “F**king parents should pay attention to that and have your kids off of it. You're not ready for that s**t when you're a teenager.”

Now, Fox has opened up to ET again about social media, saying her feelings about it have very much impacted her parenting choices.

“My kids, in particular, I’m enrolling them in a school where technology is not allowed until they’re much older,” the 29-year-old star says. “Then they’re introduced to computers and things like that, because they will need that eventually to function in the real world. But, as children, they shouldn’t be around it at all, in my opinion, and so my kids won’t have cell phones, or tablets, or any of that.”

“It interferes with brain development,” Fox continues. “I’m really big into this, very passionate about it. I’m very passionate about it, in general, because it’s such a platform for, not just bullying, but body shaming, for making people feel badly about themselves, and Instagram has turned into… it’s really just an art page where everyone edits their photos.”

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“It’s a curated version of their reality,” Fox adds. “What is the point? Unless you’re promoting something, or unless you’re selling something, I don’t understand why teenagers need to be on Instagram making their boobs look big… what is happening to the world?”

ET caught up with Fox at Wondercon, where she was promoting the latest Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie, Out of the Shadows. Fox promises the sequel will be much more kid-appropriate than the first film.

“We went in and rewrote stuff to make sure that 6-year-olds can understand the dialogue, so it’s definitely more family-friendly,” Fox says.

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Fox confesses she didn’t sign on to the franchise thinking, “I need to make a family film,” but says she is thankful to have made a movie her kids can actually watch.

“It would be nice to make some things that they can see,” Fox admits. “You know, something like Jennifer’s Body, I’m not going to let them see for a long time. Something like Jonah Hex, I’m not going to let them see ever. No one should ever see that movie.”

Still, when Fox’s sons -- 3-year-old Noah and 2-year-old Bodhi -- do see Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows, there’s no guarantee they’ll recognize their mom.

“I mean, the oldest one is only three,” Megan says. “He has no concept of -- he tries to understand that I’m in a movie, but at that age, they still think movies are real, so they don’t understand the crossover between pretend and real life.”

You can discern real life and make-believe for yourself when Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows hits theaters in June. Check out the trailer below.