'Crazy-Ex Girlfriend' Star Rachel Bloom Shares Bouncy Video From Hilarious 'Heavy Boobs' Shoot


Rachel Bloom's hilarious new "Heavy Boobs" video shows us all what the cost of having a more ample bra size can be.

The Crazy Ex-Girlfriend star shared an on-set video of herself quite literally bouncing around while filming a new musical number for the show, writing, "Some solo work for #heavyboobs."

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The 28-year-old also actress posted a photo from the shoot of "Team Heavy Boobs,” aka presumably her background dancers in the scene.

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Bloom's choreographer, Kathryn Burns, also shared a behind-the-scenes take, joking, "It's too bad Rachel didn't commit to the FlopOgraphy (wink)."

You can check out the whole funny performance in the video below, which is catchy as hell and shows you everything you need to know about having boobs that are "dense" like dying stars.

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