Melissa McCarthy's Husband Has a Hilarious (Albeit Not-So-Flattering) Nickname for Her

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Melissa McCarthy is "The Boss" on the big screen, but at home, her husband, Ben Falcone, has another name for her.

"She is 'The Mooch,'" Falcone told ET at the Los Angeles premiere of The Boss on Monday. "That is for sure."

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The funny lady confirmed the nickname but admitted that she never thought it would follow her for so long.

"When that nickname came up, I thought, 'Certainly this won't stick 15 years later,'" McCarthy said. "Somehow I am 'The Mooch,' and now other friends call me that too."

The nickname is all out of love, of course, as the couple makes such a perfect pair that they frequently work together. They co-starred in 2011's Bridesmaids and co-wrote and acted together in 2014's Tammy, plus they both co-wrote the upcoming film, The Boss, along with writer Steve Mallory.

McCarthy headlines The Boss, which is directed by Falcone, as a titan of industry who is sent to prison after she's busted for insider trading. When she's released, it's back to the drawing board to come up with a business scheme that will put her back on top.

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Kristen Bell plays McCarthy's partner in crime in the film, and she shared her own nickname for husband, Dax Shepard

"We usually say 'Buddy,'" Bell said. "'Buddy' is the main one."

The Boss opens April 8.