Seth Meyers Praises Wife Alexi In Heartwarming Story About Welcoming His Baby Boy Ashe

The 'Late Night' host shared the story of his new son's birth in his first episode back after welcoming him on Easter.

Seth Meyers returned to Late Night on Tuesday after welcoming his first son with his wife, Alexi Meyers, on Sunday, and the happy new dad shared an inside look at his wife going into labor.

Seth, who revealed his son's name is Ashe in honor of his wife's maiden name, beamed as he shared the news of his family's new addition to a cheering crowd.

"The baby came two weeks early, so on Sunday we really were not expecting this to happen," Seth explained. "Around 11:30 or 12, my wife, about every 10 or 12 minutes, would say her back hurt, and I would rub her back. And I'm bad at recognizing patterns or else I would have known those were contractions."

Seth detailed how he kept track of her contractions with a contractions app on her phone and soon realized they needed to go to the hospital. As he was helping his wife change and get ready, her water broke.

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"It sounds like what water would sound like if it broke," Seth joked. "It's incredibly well-named for what it is."

As they made their way downstairs to their Uber, they were greeted by the doorman who seemingly had a lot of experience dealing with expectant parents.

"He just patted me on the back, [gave] a firm handshake, grabbed our bags and walked us outside to get in the car. I could tell he's done this hundreds of times," Seth recounted. "I could tell from the expression on our Uber driver's face that this was the first time that he was doing anything like this."

As they drove through the streets of New York City, Alexi was "just screaming out an open window" as she dealt with the pain of contractions.

"Only In New York City could you drive that way and not have people say, 'That woman is being abducted,'" Seth joked. "My wife was screaming out the window, 'I don't like this!' And I just feel like New Yorkers were walking by like, 'It's New York, nobody likes anything!'"

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When they finally made it to the hospital, Seth was confronted with the hilarious sight of nurses decked out in bunny ears in celebration of Easter.

"It just immediately put me in the best mood," Seth said. "It did not affect my wife's mood. My wife was in a place where bunny ears could not change her mood. I even said, 'Look, bunny ears!' And she was like, 'Shut the f**k up. Stop pointing at things, don't ever point another thing out to me for a decade."

By the time they actually got checked into the hospital, Alexi was fully dilated and ready to deliver, which she apparently did without the help of painkillers or drugs. Seth admitted that he had no idea what to expect when it came to actually watching the birth, but he ended up watching the whole thing.

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"The minute it started, I couldn't take my eyes off it. It was the most fantastic thing. I was so taken, it was the best," Seth explained. "I also couldn't stop laughing for [two] reasons: One, half the people in the room had bunny ears on and the other this is I kept laughing because I kept thinking back to the last few months and the amount of times people said to me, 'Are you ready for this?' And watching it happen I couldn't help [think], 'Who could be ready for this? What could you do to prepare for what you're seeing right now?"

After sharing the sweet story, Seth welcomed his first guest, Saturday Night Live alum Tracy Morgan, who came bearing a gift.

Before the show taped, Morgan, who has four children of his own, tweeted a photo of himself holding the present backstage, which he captioned, "Watch me on @sethmeyers tonight to see the very thoughtful present I gave his new baby boy! #UncleTracy"

Sitting down with the new dad, Morgan, 47, gave Meyers the wrapped gift for his new son, which turned out to be a huge bowl of condoms.

Seth also read the "special advice" Morgan wrote in the gift's card: "Dear Baby Meyers, don't get anyone pregnant before the age of 30. Love, Uncle Tracy."

"Thank you," Seth said. "Excellent advice, thank you."

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