Watch Caitlyn Jenner Kiss Kris Jenner in Extremely Uncomfortable 'I Am Cait' Moment

Talk about amicable exes!

Talk about amicable exes!

In a new season two preview of I Am Cait, Caitlyn Jenner reunites with her ex, Kris Jenner, in more ways than one. The 60-year-old momager visits Caitlyn in New Orleans, Louisiana, during Mardi Gras and things get a little wild.

To the delight of her friends, the 66-year-old reality star plants a big kiss on Kris, who looks less than thrilled about the idea of locking lips with her former spouse.

In a later scene, Caitlyn apologizes to Kris for her actions, but it's unclear if she's referring to the kiss.

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Kris might not be the only gal Caitlyn smooches this season. In another scene, she leans in for a wet one with her good friend, Candis Cayne, after being prompted by her pals.

The teaser also shows Caitlyn wavering on some of her political points of view. "Republicans, your people, they don't like us," Caitlyn's friend says, to which the former Olympian responds, "They're not my people if they're against this issue."

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One of Caitlyn's friends even jokes that she is "becoming a leftist activist."

In a more vulnerable moment, Caitlyn tears up when that same friend tells her, "You found out how to express yourself as a woman and listen, and for that you've earned my respect and complete support."

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