EXCLUSIVE: Elizabeth Olsen Teases What Will Happen Between Scarlet Witch and Vision in 'Captain America: Civil

Plus, co-star Tom Hiddleston gives ET an update on his latest film, 'I Saw the Light.'

Elizabeth Olsen just got us even more excited for Captain America: Civil War!

ET recently chatted with the I Saw the Light star at a press junket, where she opened up about reprising her role as Scarlet Witch in the highly anticipated Marvel action movie.

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For fans who are hoping to see Scarlet's relationship with Vision (played by Paul Bettany) evolve even more, you're in luck -- Olsen told ET that it's "totally" happening!

"You learn a little bit more about what connects [Scarlet and Vision] in this film," the 27-year-old actress revealed. "And I think there's some really sweet moments between Paul and I, and it's more about how they relate to one another and their similarities just based on their superpowers."

But while we patiently wait for Captain America: Civil War to hit multiplexes on May 6, we can get our Olsen fix in I Saw the Light, which is in theaters now.

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ET caught up with Olsen's I Saw the Light co-star, Tom Hiddleston, who gave us an update on what Loki, Thor's troublesome brother in the Marvel Cinematic universe, has been up to.

"He's probably just, shapeshifting out there -- kicking around Asgaard," he joked. "My personal belief is that Asgaard's GREAT with Loki on the throne, the trains run on time... Everything's clean -- I don't know what he's doing, we'll have to wait and see."

And even though Hiddleston and Olsen are both part of the Marvel family, they've actually never acted onscreen together -- until now, that is. The two appear side-by-side in I Saw the Light (Hiddleston portrays Hank Williams in the biopic, with Olsen starring as his first wife, Audrey Williams).

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"I just felt a huge duty and responsibility to [Williams'] family -- to him, to the keepers of the flame -- he's become an inspiration to so many," Hiddleston said.

To hear more from our exclusive interview with Olsen, including career advice she's gotten from her stylish sisters, Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, watch the video below.