EXCLUSIVE: Aaron Carter Talks New Music Video and Girlfriend: 'I'm Writing Songs About Her and Not Hilary' Duf

The 28-year-old pop star released his first single in 14 years and only opened up about it to ET.

Aaron Carter doesn't want candy anymore -- he wants true love.

The 28-year-old singer is back with his first single in 14 years, "Fool's Gold," off his upcoming album, LØVË, and the music video features his on-again, off-again girlfriend of two years, Lee Karis.

"'Fool's Gold' is...a dark secret," Carter cryptically tells ET after inviting us into his home to talk about his career, his relationship and why he keeps ending up in love triangles. (Remember the Lindsay Lohan-Hilary Duff debacle of 2004?)

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If you have been keeping tabs on Carter's love life, you know his relationship with Karis has been more than a bit rocky -- in December, he tweeted a selfie of himself crying and said he was "heartbroken."

"I'm emotional and we're growing together as a couple, and she's learning to understand me better and I'm learning to understand her better too," he now says.

Carter reveals that, to him, true love is "settling down" and "having somebody who is there for you."

"Like a ride or die," he adds, before opening up about the couple's recent breakup. "I've said that to her before and, at one point in our relationship, she was like, 'I'm not your ride or die. I'm not committed to you.' I was just like, 'That's gonna hurt me. And it did. And we broke up and, you know, I made mistakes. And we just keep coming back to each other."

"Now, I wanna be married and I wanna have something to work for as a man," he concludes. But when asked if he sees that happening with Karis, Carter admits, "I mean, I would love that. I don't think she sees that with me."

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This isn't the first complicated coupling Carter has been a part of -- and he hints the reason things get so complicated is because he keeps ending up in love triangles.

"I'm always caught up in those. I was caught up with Hilary and Lindsay and I'm caught up with stuff now," he points out.

Though he says he doesn't talk to either of his famous exes now, Carter appeared hopeful of rekindling something with Duff back in 2014, when he made multiple declarations of love for the Lizzie McGuire star. Which she agreed, at the time, were "weird."

"I've put out stupid messages. Things about being in love with her, when I probably just had too much wine or something," Carter now tells us. But he's moved on. "I would prefer to leave her life in peace, and I have a new love that I’m focused on," he says. "Lee is my new love. I'm writing songs about her, not Hilary."

Check out ET's exclusive video of Aaron performing "Fool's Gold" below.