EXCLUSIVE: Shirley MacLaine's Advice to Jennifer Lawrence: 'Never Leave Kentucky'

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Shirley MacLaine has always played by her own rules, and she talked to ET about passing the torch on to today's most fearless Hollywood stars.

Many young actresses look up to MacLaine, including the free-spirited Jennifer Lawrence, whom MacLaine says she is "impressed with." MacLaine shared with ET the advice she bestowed upon The Hunger Games star.

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"Never leave Kentucky. Be yourself," MacLaine said. "That who you are-ness of her is unconventional with no filters."

The entertainment icon also noted that she sees part of herself in Lawrence, and they do have some similarities. They're both Oscar winners and they love to flirt.

"It's fascinating to see what attracts me at this age in another person," the 81-year-old actress said. "Humor, intelligence, and they can't be skinny or little. They've got to be big and potentially dominating. It gives me something to do."

MacLaine was previously married to the late film producer, Steve Parker. The former couple had an open marriage for nearly three decades before calling it quits in 1982.

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Movie stars aren't the only ones getting advice from MacLaine. She also has some practical fashion tips that anyone can follow: Be comfortable! She says being chic takes too much time and effort.

"When I was actually 21, 22, I would put on something that had a tight waist, do the red carpet, go to the ladies' room, undo the tight waist and get back in my car, so I wouldn't have to do anything else in the tight waist," MacLaine said. "Drawstring pants are your friend. They're everyone's friend, frankly!"

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More words of wisdom can be found in MacLaine's new book, Above the Line: My Wild Oats Adventure, out now. The imaginative memoir chronicles her remarkable experience shooting a yet-to-be-released film called Wild Oats in the Canary Islands.