Chris Evans Reveals He's an 'A** Man' in Hilarious Interview With Anna Faris

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Chris Evans don't want none unless you got buns, hun!

The Captain America: Civil War star was a guest on Anna Faris' podcast, titled Anna Faris Is Unqualified, with comedian Jenny Slate on Tuesday, where he hilariously revealed the body part he simply can't enough of on the opposite sex.

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"I'm way, way, way more of an a** man, clearly more of an a** man," he candidly revealed, when Faris asked if he'd prefer a "t*t pic, an a** pic" or face pic. "Just everyone knows. I like butts. [So] I guess a butt pic."

Somewhere inside Bob's Burgers, Tina Belcher is jumping for joy at this revelation.

He then opened up about sending nude pics and what really goes on behind closed doors of a d**k pic "photo shoot."

"Nobody sends a bad d**k pic," he exclaimed. "There's always a full photo shoot, like a four-hour photo shoot [with] filters."

While Evans did not officially confirm whether or not he has actually sent any of these graphic selfies himself, he did answer Faris' questions on ways to score the ladies.

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"Let's say you meet a super-hot girl at a bar," Faris, 39, said. "You feel a nice connection with her and she's really hot. Would you give her your own number or your assistant's [number]?"

"I would probably ask for hers," he quickly replied. "Let's say we met at 10, and I left the bar at 11 and I sent her a text at 11:30 saying, 'Hey, it was great to meet you.' And she responds, ‘Yeah, you too.' And at 3 a.m. there's another text [from her], right away it's a little bit of a bummer."

Hear the full interview below.

Back in January, Deadpool actor Ryan Reynolds also talked about butts in a press conference for his film. But the question he was asked was a tad bit different (and far less sexual!).

When asked who has the better butt -- him or Evans -- he praised his Marvel colleague's backside.

"Chris Evans -- he's Captain America," Reynolds explained. "He has a very powerful a**."

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