Lena Dunham Defends the Kardashians: 'They're Awesome Entrepreneurs Who Are All About Sisterhood'

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Lena Dunham has an unlikely role model.

The Girls creator and star stopped by Late Night With Seth Meyers, where she opened up about what we can learn from reality TV's first family and revealed who her favorite Kardashian is.

"Something that makes me angry is sometimes we'll Instagram about Khloé, you know, once or twice a day, and people will be like, 'Those Kardashians aren't what you represent!'" she said. "And we're like, 'Well, they're like awesome entrepreneurs who are all about sisterhood and connection and so, yeah it is.'"

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Dunham was joined by Girls co-showrunner Jenni Konner and they admitted that Khloé is, in fact, their favorite Kardashian to keep up. It helps that the reality star tweeted her support for Dunham and Konner's feminist newsletter, Lenny, or as the 29-year-old actress puts it, "We received the only praise from the only source."

"She's the best Kardashian," Konner chimed in.

"That's not throwing the Kardashians shade. For us, she's just the peak Kardashian experience," Dunham clarified. "Honestly, for her to be psyched about what we're doing -- because we love her app and it inspires us and we're now both going to get memory foam bath mats."

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Meanwhile, ET caught up with Dunham at The Hollywood Reporter's 35 Most Powerful People event on Thursday, where she discussed Amy Schumer's recent comments about it being "not cool" that Glamour magazine included her in their plus-size issue.

"I think what Amy was asking for was for us to let go of this idea that we need to categorize women by the size and shape of their body," Dunham said. "Amy has obviously been a really champion for that in her work. So, it makes sense that she would advocate for that in media as well."

"I have had great experiences with Glamour. I loved my experience doing their cover," she added. "With Lenny, we really want all of our fashion stories to just be fashion stories -- not plus size, not petite. It is about fashion, and fashion alone."

Schumer posted a bikini video on the beach after Glamour responded to the controversy around their "plus-size" issue. Check it out in the video below.