How 'Broad City' Hilariously Paid Tribute to 'Mrs. Doubtfire' -- With a Rare Cameo by Mara Wilson!

Comedy Central

If you're not watching Broad City, you're missing -- and this is no hyperbole -- the most genius show on TV.

This week's episode of the Comedy Central, well, comedy was one of the best yet, with a near-perfect recreation of the iconic restaurant scene from 1993's Mrs. Doubtfire, complete with a cameo by Mara Wilson, the former child star who has essentially retired in the years since she played Robin Williams' adorable 6-year-old daughter.

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So, how did Broad City creators and stars Abbi Jacobson and Ilana Glazer convince Wilson to pop up as their waitress in the tribute? The now 28-year-old writer and theater performer says it was actually her idea.

"I followed Abbi on Twitter, and she sent me a message saying, 'That’s really weird that you followed me today, because we are working on an episode right now that's an homage to Mrs. Doubtfire,'" Wilson told the website, Brokelyn. "I felt emboldened a few days later, I think it was after a glass of wine, and I said, 'You know, if you want me to make a cameo or something on this, I totally would. I don't act much, I don't really like film or TV acting, but this would be really fun and I have a lot of respect for you two.'"

"They were both really excited. Ilana sent me a 'Yas, yas kween!'" she added.

Wilson, who you surely also recognize from Matilda, revealed that it was Williams' death in 2014 that encouraged her to embrace her past.

"I think that Robin dying was another thing that made me realize that I'd been pushing myself away from my past and not embracing it," she explained. "I still get shy about it when people ask me, but I think that it's something I realize I do have such fond memories of."

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"It was very special to get to homage the genius that is Robin Williams + Mrs. Doubtfire. Thank you @MaraWritesStuff for making it even better," Jacobson tweeted during the episode.

The episode also contained another very special cameo, one you likely didn't notice unless you're very dedicated fans of Jacobson and Glazer. "These are our real, extremely adorable moms that yelled 'f**k you' at us in tonight's episode!" Jacobson pointed out.

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