Alexander Skarsgard Presents in His Underwear, Calls Out Zac Efron at MTV Movie Awards

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Here's one way to overshadow the Movie of the Year winner.

Alexander Skarsgård presented the MTV Movie Awards' biggest category wearing a tuxedo on top...and nothing but his tighty whities on bottom.

"No pants. Me, Tarzan! Gotta give the fans a little skin," the True Blood actor explained. "I was going to go shirtless, but then someone told me that Zac Efron did that two years ago here."

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Samuel L. Jackson, who also presented the award, chimed in, "It was a historic moment."

"It's just as sexy, but a little bit classier, and dare I say, more sophisticated?" Skarsgård replied. "No offense, Mr. Efron."

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This is how you do pantslessness. Take note, Rebel Wilson.

Skarsgård and Jackson then launched into an expletive-filled introduction to this year's nominees, with the honor ultimately going to Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Congrats, Daisy Ridley and J.J. Abrams, but can we get back to the tall, Swedish hunk in his underwear?

Check out all the big winners from the 2016 MTV Movie Awards in the video below.