EXCLUSIVE: Jennifer Aniston Is at a 'Peaceful' Place in Life, Was Oblivious to Jake Gyllenhaal's Crush on Her

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Jennifer Aniston plays a single mother coming to terms with divorce and dating in Garry Marshall's upcoming rom-com, Mother's Day, but she tells ET her real life is in perfect harmony.

"I'm very peaceful," Aniston says. "I literally wake up every day and feel very lucky. I feel very fortunate."

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In fact, the 47-year-old actress names her husband, Justin Theroux, as one of the biggest gifts in her life right now.

"I got a good one -- a very sweet, kind man," Aniston gushes.

Aniston's on-screen love interest, Jason Sudeikis, chimes in, joking that "it sucks that he's talented."

"That's literally annoying for guys -- he's good-looking and talented," Sudeikis playfully adds. "You deserve it though."

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In the tradition of Marshall's previous ensemble rom-coms such as Valentine's Day and New Year's Eve, Mother's Day promises to weave together multiple storylines focusing on the titular holiday. Julia Roberts stars as Miranda, an ambitious author, whose story intertwines with Aniston's character, Sandy, who falls for Sudeikis' Mr. Mom-type character, Bradley.

While Sudeikis and Aniston have now worked on five films together, it was past co-star Jake Gyllenhaal whom she just discovered had a crush on her back in the day. The two worked together in 2002's The Good Girl.

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"What do I do with this now?" Aniston replies when we mention Gyllenhaal's admitted crush. "What good is it now?"

Mother's Day opens on April 29.