Brandi Glanville Posts NSFW Nude Pic, Says She Was Inspired by Kim Kardashian

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To show off the results of her dieting and exercising, the former Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Brandi Glanville took to Instagram on Monday where she posted a NSFW picture of her butt. Like ya do.

The 43-year-old mother of two shared a photo of herself rocking a tiny black G-string thong -- a post she says was inspired by Kim Kardashian.

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"I've struggled with wanting to post this but I've worked so hard on my body &at 43 after 2 kids I'm very proud," Glanville captioned the skin-bearing snapshot. "I love that @kimkardashian makes the point that moms are hot even after kids and post sexy selfies."

Glanville, who stressed that the pic featured "zero filters" and "zero photo shop [sic]" made sure to mention that she was "given the blessing of my family" and that she "prepped for the haters" who would inevitably comment on the pic.

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It’s hard to deny that her hard work has indeed paid off. That fit physique doesn’t lie!

It does seem a bit odd that she chose not to straighten up before snapping her headline-making pic – don't think we didn't notice those Ugg boots. And stiletto heels were an unusual choice for someone in a seated pose, but even Joanna Krupa has to give her credit for one seriously steamy semi-nude selfie.

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