Amy Schumer Gushes Over Boyfriend Ben Hanisch, Says She Warned His Mom About the Media Scrutiny

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Amy Schumer's relationship with Ben Hanisch is going strong!

The comedian couldn't help but gush over her boyfriend while sitting down with Jimmy Fallon on The Tonight Show on Tuesday, where she opened up about her burgeoning relationship.

"We met and totally fell in love and it’s been really good," Schumer shared before joking about how their relationship "became viral Internet news."

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"It’s because I think he’s really cute and I think people were like, 'What? Dating Amy? But he has all his teeth!' and people were shocked," she said.

Not only does he have all his teeth, he apparently has a really cool mom named Deb who happens to adore the 34-year-old comic.

"His mom is the most excited person you’ll ever meet in your life," Schumer explained. "It’s really cute."

The Trainwreck star said she's gotten the chance to meet her boyfriend's entire family, and had to warn them about the media scrutiny that might result from their relationship.

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"I told them, 'Look, journalists are going to call you, because it’s what they do and they’re going to come to the house,' and they did," Schumer recounted, adding that she gave special advice to Deb.

"I told her, 'Deb, they’re going to call you. Just say ‘no comment.' She’s like, ‘I got it, Ame. I got it. No comment. Not a problem,'" Schumer recalled. "Not even 10 minutes later, I get a Google alert that says, Time magazine [reported] that Deb was like, 'I’ve never heard of her before in my life.' Too far Deb!"

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Schumer and Fallon later played a game called "Explain This Photo," where they both went through each other's phones to look for pics that seems particularly strange.

For Fallon's first choice, he chose a photo of Schumer and Hanisch hanging out with Jerry Seinfeld and a number of their friends in a place called Pig Island. It was a pic the comic has posted to Instagram in March.

"I think Ben's looking at my butt there, like, that's what they looks like, right?" Schumer joked. "Or maybe he's looking at the pig's butt."

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Hanisch, a Chicago-based furniture designer, confirmed that he and Schumer were dating in an Instagram pic posted on New Year's Eve, which he captioned, "Sometimes in life you get extremely lucky, and the smartest, funniest, most beautiful woman comes along when you least expect it."

Check out the video below for more on Schumer and Hanisch's whirlwind romance.