'Jane the Virgin' Star Justin Baldoni Builds Sandcastles With Homeless Children -- Watch!


Justin Baldoni is helping people both on and off screen.

The Jane the Virgin star recently spent time with homeless mothers and children of Midnight Mission, a Los Angeles organization that aims to help impoverished families through counseling, job placement, housing, and education, where he played games with the kids, build sandcastles and hula hooped.

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"As storytellers we have a responsibility to be of service," said Baldoni in the video, noting that his upbringing in the Baha'i faith lead him to found the socially conscious production company, Wayfarer Entertainment.

"It's very easy.... especially in this business to get caught up in how the world sees you," Baldoni continues in the video. "If we can stop thinking about ourselves... then the whole world will change."

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Meanwhile, Baldoni's co-star Gina Rodriguez is doing her own part to give back, launching a campaign in January aimed at spreading positive messages to the Latino community.

"It's me doing it to uplift and highlight and empower other Latinos," the 31-year-old actress told ET about the campaign. "To send the message that there's a lot of wonderful and positive things going on in our community -- that's what we should focus on."

Watch the video below.