Julia Louis-Dreyfus Wants to 'F**k' Nick Jonas in NSFW 'Saturday Night Live' Skit


Julia Louis-Dreyfus has a dirty little secret.

During her third hosting gig on Saturday Night Live, the Veep actress brought out several charming surprises.

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One of the highlights from the night was a cameo by musical guest Nick Jonas. In a sketch titled "Pool Boy," Louis-Dreyfus portrays a married woman with three kids who is having an affair with her young pool boy, Chad (played by SNL cast member Pete Davidson), which gave us major flashbacks to the days when Eva Longoria's character was sleeping with her gardener on Desperate Housewives.

"No, Chad, we can't do this anymore," she says in the skit. "I couldn't sleep last night. What am I doing? Am I a bored housewife who's having an affair with her 23-year-old pool boy?"

Mid freak-out, she decides once and for all that she's going to give up her cheating ways, because if "this got out" it would "ruin" her family.

That is, of course, until Jonas appears in her yard, looking hot as ever in a cut off tank top that perfectly shows off his rock-hard pecs while mowing her lawn as a fill-in for his uncle.

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"I'm going to f**k that kid," Louis-Dreyfus exclaims.

Watch the full clip below.

While Louis-Dreyfus was phenomenal, fully proving that her comic chops are still top-notch, the majority of the episode was rather mediocre. There were still a few highlights, however -- check out three other must-see moments, below.

Louis-Dreyfus Debuts a New Luxury Vehicle

Poking fun at the seriousness of car ads, Louis-Dreyfus suits up and tries to sell a Mercedes that runs on AA batteries -- 9,648 to be exact! In the funny car commercial parody, she introduces the "Mercedes AA Class, the first fully-electric luxury sedan powered entirely by AA batteries."

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Elaine Benes is Back!

In another stand-out moment, Louis-Dreyfus reprised her Seinfeld role to talk economics with Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton, played by Larry David (the creator of the popular sitcom) and Kate McKinnon. She grills Sanders on how he plans to break up the big banks, to which he epically replies, "I'll go to the big banks, I'll sit them down, and yada yada yada, they'll be broken up."

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Jonas Brings Out a Special Guest

The youngest JoBro brought out singer Tove Lo for a sultry rendition of their hit, "Close," then returned on stage later in the evening for an energetic performance of his song, "Champagne Problems."

Last month, Ariana Grande played double-duty as host and musical guest on SNL, where she flawlessly impersonated singers like Britney Spears, Rihanna and Whitney Houston in a skit poking fun at Jay Z's Tidal streaming service. Watch the video below for more.