Naya Rivera Reveals She Gained 60 Pounds During Pregnancy: 'I Completely Let Myself Go'

The 'Glee' star talks about getting her post-baby body back in shape.

Naya Rivera admits that it took some work to get her post-baby body back in shape.

"I completely let myself go when I was pregnant," the 29-year-old actress -- who gave birth to son Josey in September -- discloses to Fit Pregnancy and Baby. "Weight wasn't something I wanted to focus on, so I ate anything and everything and had a blast."

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Rivera says she gained 60 pounds while pregnant, but once the baby was born, she was ready to "get back to business," crediting breastfeeding for helping her lose the first 30 pounds. "My closet was divided in half: On one side were maternity clothes and on the other side were clothes I thought I would never wear again," she shares. "I’m not really self-motivated. And I don’t know what to do at the gym. I always feel lost. [Without a trainer] I’d probably just end up not working out, and then go to the steam room."

Rivera says she started weight training for the first time and "working [her] butt off."

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While the Glee star jokes that she's been "thrown up on and pooped on" since becoming a mother, she gushes over her husband, Ryan Dorsey, for helping her out from the get-go. "He changed Josey’s first diaper in the hospital, which was hilarious, because Josey just kept continually pooping,” she quips. “If Josey doesn’t want to go to sleep, Ryan will bust out his guitar and play him some songs, and Josey will fall asleep immediately. It’s the cutest thing to watch."

While Rivera has clearly achieved her weight loss goals, fellow mom Kim Kardashian West, is still working to shed some pounds. In March, the 34-year-old reality star flaunted her 42-pound weight loss in a curve-hugging dress, just months after giving birth to son Saint, while revealing her desire to lose 28 more. Check her out: