Miley Cyrus and Other Stoner Stars Celebrate 4/20 -- See the Pics!


Stoner queen Miley Cyrus had a very happy 4/20, according to her Instagram.

The singer celebrated the marijuana-centric holiday on social media, posting a pic of her with what appeared to be a joint. Miley captioned the pic simply, “happy 4/20 ?.”

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No surprise, rapper Snoop Dogg was also in on the action, showing off his own branded “Leafs by Snoop” products on Instagram.

(P.S. Remember when Miley and Snoop collaborated on a stoner anthem of their own? Who could forget 2013’s “Ashtrays and Heartbreaks”!)

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Seth Rogen, who has made no fewer than a half-dozen movies in which his character loves weed, shared 4/20 wishes from his hot dog character in the new NSFW animated film, Sausage Party.

Rapper Wiz Khalifa shared a shot of his “Happy 4/20” stash on Instagram, and later, put it to good use, sparking up “2 joints” at the same time.

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Wiz even had his own special set of 4/20 emoji, which rapper Juicy J showed off on Instagram. The detailed collection includes every symbol a stoner could possibly want, including impressively-rolled joints, waxes and shatters, and everyone’s favorite, the apple bong.

See how Miley and some other former Disney stars celebrated last year's 4/20 in the video below.

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