7 Times Prince Proved He Was the Coolest Human Being on the Planet

Remember when he changed his name to a symbol?

Nobody quite tops Prince.

As the world mourns the 57-year-old music icon, we look back at the moments in his life that proved he was way cooler than the rest of us.

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1. 2007 Super Bowl

You can't rain on Prince's parade. In fact, it was welcomed at the 2007 Super Bowl when he performed his hit, "Purple Rain," during a downpour.

2. Prince Changes His Name to a Symbol

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For a brief moment in time, Prince wasn't known as Prince. In October 1993, he changed his stage name to an unpronounceable symbol, which became known as the "Love Symbol," after releasing an album with the emblem on the cover a year prior. At one point, he even went by "The Artist Formerly Known as Prince."

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3. Prince Performs With Michael Jackson and James Brown

In 1983, James Brown gave the performance of a lifetime at the Beverly Theatre where he invited Michael Jackson and Prince to the stage. The Godfather of Soul first called up the King of Pop, and you can see Jackson whispering something to the singer. That's when Brown declares, "And also, give him a big round of applause because he just insisted that I introduce: Prince!"

4. Purple Rain, the Movie

In 1984, Prince released the rock musical drama, Purple Rain, where he portrayed a young musician that is tormented by an abusive situation at home, has a burgeoning romance, and faces a dissatisfied band that resents his rise to fame. The film -- which starred Prince's muse at the time, Apollonia Kotero, as his love interest -- grossed more than $80 million at the box office, and quickly became a cult classic. The accompanying soundtrack didn't do too bad either.

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5. Prince Appears on New Girl

In 2014, Prince agreed to guest star on the sitcom, New Girl. In the episode, Jess (Zooey Deschanel) and her group of friends try to get into a party thrown by the singer. Jess and her boyfriend at the time, Nick Miller (Jake Johnson), end up running into Prince outside the party and he ultimately asks her to perform with him. The episode definitely shows Prince's sense of humor.

6. Beyonce and Prince Perform at the GRAMMYs

In 2004, Prince and the Queen Bey hit the GRAMMYs stage to perform "Purple Rain" and "Baby, I'm a Star." Needless to say, it was incredible.

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7. Prince Performs at Saturday Night Live 40 Party

In February 2015, Jimmy Fallon recounted on The Tonight Show how he got Prince to come up on stage for SNL's 40th anniversary after party. Taylor Swift, Paul McCartney, Martin Short and Cuba Gooding Jr. were also at the shindig.

Runner-Up: Dave Chapelle as Prince

While it's not Prince per say, the comedian's impersonation of the singer has become almost as iconic as Prince himself.

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