EXCLUSIVE: Nicole Kidman and Jason Bateman Go on the Most Dysfunctional Road Trip Ever in 'The Family Fang'

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Who wouldn't want to be part of a family with Nicole Kidman, Jason Bateman and Christopher Walken?

If that family is the one in The Family Fang, you may think again. The movie, which Bateman also directs, focuses on the grown-up children of performance artists and, in ET's exclusive clip from the film, Kidman and Bateman go head-to-head with Walken as he tries to rope them into a chaotic new art piece.

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The Family Fang is based on the New York Times best-selling novel written by Kevin Wilson. Kidman's production company, Blossom Films, scooped up the movie rights and she enlisted Bateman to step behind the camera after the Arrested Development star made his directorial debut with Bad Words.

So, how intimidating is it directing Oscar winners?

"You would think it would be difficult but it's actually the opposite, because they don't need help from an idiot like me," Bateman explained on the Today show. "They know exactly what they're doing so I can focus on other things. They're incredible in the film."

If the premise of the movie sounds particularly quirky, the director argues it's quite simple.

"Every kid has a parent, and at some point you become smart enough and old enough to be able to see through the disguise that all of our parents wear," he explained. "You see that they're just as flawed as you are. That moment -- or a few years -- can be both comedic and heartbreaking."

The Family Fang
opens theatrically in New York on April 29 and in theaters across the U.S. on May 6, in addition to Starz on Demand.

Now, check out a flashback to Bateman's own childhood: ET caught up with the then 13-year-old actor on the set of Silver Spoons and you can see what he had to say in the video below.