Prince's Heirs: Meet the Late Singer's Family Members

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When Prince died last week at the age of 57, the music icon left behind no known will dictating how his massive estate, estimated to be worth nearly $300 million, should be divvied up among his living heirs.

In the absence of a will, the Purple Rain star's fortune is being overseen by a special administrator, the Bremer Trust, National Association.

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Prince, born Prince Rogers Nelson, was married twice, but both unions ended in divorce, and he had no children. With Prince's parents, Mattie Della Shaw and John Lewis Nelson, both deceased, it's possible his estate may be split among his sister and his surviving half-siblings.

Here's a brief look at the people in Prince's life who stand to inherit a portion of his formidable wealth.

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1. Tyka Nelson


Tyka Nelson, Prince's younger sister, filed court documents after his death stating that she did not know of the existence of a will, and was responsible for petitioning Bremer Trust to take over the responsibility of administering Prince's assets.

Tyka, a musician and recording artist in her own right, has openly spoken about her past substance abuse problems, admitting in a 2003 interview with the National Enquirer, "I pawned the car Prince had given me" for drug money.

Prince helped Tyka battle her addiction by getting her into rehab, from which she emerged clean and sober. She became devoutly religious after overcoming her struggle with drugs.

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2. Sharon L. Nelson


Sharon is Prince's half-sister, from his father's previous marriage. Born in 1940, she is nearly two decades older than the late singer. Sharon is a musician, and recorded a CD called 57th Street Sound featuring musical collaborations with her father and her deceased sister, Lorna.

Lorna Nelson, also a half-sister to Prince, died in 2006 at the age of 63. However, she had a more tumultuous relationship with the legendary artist. Lorna filed a lawsuit against Prince in 1989, claiming that his song "U Got the Look" was stolen from her track, "What's Cooking in This Book." The lawsuit was ultimately thrown out.

3. Norrine P. Nelson

Norrine is Prince's half-sister, from his father's previous marriage. Born in 1947, she is 11 years older than the late singer. It's unclear how close she was to Prince in recent years.

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4. John R. Nelson

John is Prince's half-brother, from his father's previous marriage. Born in 1948, he is 10 years older than the late singer. John and Tyka have remained friends over the years, however it's unknown how close John was to Prince before his death.

John's younger brother, Duane -- another of Prince's half-brothers -- died in 2011 at the age of 52. Duane had once served as Prince's head of security at Paisley Park for over a decade, but their relationship reportedly turned sour as the years went on.

Duane had several run-ins with the law, including facing assault charges for beating his former girlfriend and ending up in jail in 1997 after getting into a fight with process servers. Prince also filed a restraining order against Duane after firing him from his position as security chief.

5. Omarr Baker

Omarr was born to Prince's mother Mattie, during her marriage to Hayward Baker, after she split from Prince's father when the singer was 10 years old. Very little information is known about Omarr or his relationship with Prince in later years.

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6. Alfred Jackson

Alfred was also born to Mattie and Hayward Baker. In the memoir Possessed, written by Prince's former drummer Charles Smith, Alfred was said to have influenced Prince's music when he was developing his sound at an early age. However, according to Tyka, Alfred was drafted in the military to serve in Vietnam when he was 17. When Alfred returned from war, he was admitted to a V.A. hospital in St. Cloud, Minnesota, where he remains to this day.

Though Alfred tells ET he hasn't seen Prince in nearly 15 years, he was hit by the loss of brother. "I miss my brother, because my brother was everything in the world to me," he told ET exclusively, while sharing touching memories of the singer.

For more on Prince's massive fortune, including the value of his recording catalog, check out the video below.

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