Kylie Jenner Gets Yet Another Red Tattoo

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Kylie Jenner is rocking yet another red mystery tattoo.

After getting some initially cryptic ink in February that was later revealed to be a nod to her grandmother, Kris Jenner’s mother, Mary Jo, the 18-year-old had her right pinky finger inked by her go-to tattoo artist, JonBoy, at JonBoy Tattoo in New York City’s West Village on Saturday.

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The reality show star unveiled the latest red tattoo via Snapchat, where she documented the painful process of getting her fresh body art.

JonBoy seemed a little reluctant at first, telling Jenner that because "you're skin and bones" the process would be "so painful."

"I'm gonna do it for you," Jenner told JonBoy in another post. He responded by insisting, "It has to be perfect," while also warning her of the discomfort she would feel.

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Jenner seemed to find out just how much a finger tattoo would hurt, as she's seen grimacing in another video as JonBoy inks her.

Ouch, indeed!

Jenner later shared a photo of her delicate "M" tattoo written across the base of her pinkie.

Still extremely proud of her "Mary Jo" tattoo, which is located on her forearm, the star once again showed off that sweet body art from earlier this year via Snapchat, writing “perfect” over the image after JonBoy gave it a touch-up.


And then it was JonBoy's turn to get a new red tattoo! Jenner, who also graced tattoo artist Bang Bang's arm with ink last November, gave JonBoy a crown and "K" symbol, representing "King Kylie."


Later, they had some post-tattoo fun as they posed for a pic with Jenner's gal pals.  

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For more on Jenner's other red tattoo, check out the video below. 

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