Chris Evans and Jimmy Fallon Pour Ice-Cold Water Down Each Other's Pants in 'Frozen Blackjack'

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Captain America’s shield can’t save him from this! Actor Chris Evans appeared on The Tonight Show on Tuesday night and things got a little wet-‘n’-wild.

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The Captain America: Civil War star debuted a game of his own invention called “Frozen Blackjack,” much to the dismay of host Jimmy Fallon. The rules were pretty simple, lose a round of blackjack and get freezing cold water poured on you.

“Here’s the twist. The winner gets to pour a pitcher of water, and let’s be clear,” Evans said pulling out a funnel.

“Where is the funnel ending up?” a terrified Fallon asked.

“I should have made that clear, it’s gonna go down your pants, big guy,” Evans said.

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Fallon lost first, declaring “I hate this game!” but had a change of heart when Evans started losing.

In the final round, the Marvel superhero came up short and had to endure an entire water cooler of ice-cold liquid down his pants. It ended up getting all over him (A soaked Captain America? Count us in!) as Fallon thanked him for coming on the show.

Captain America: Civil War hits theaters on Friday.