EXCLUSIVE: Christina Aguilera Embraces Her Inner Teacher With 'MasterClass' - 'It Comes Naturally to Me'

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Christina Aguilera is taking her coaching skills to the next level.

The 35-year-old superstar is leading her very own MasterClass, teaching the art of singing to an online community of students. In the exclusive clip above, Aguilera opens up about how to "command a presence" while performing in intimate venues. It's a subject she knows all too well -- take a look at her mesmerizing take on John Lennon's "Mother" at Los Angeles hot spot No Name earlier this year.

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"MasterClass is a great opportunity for me to coach people in ways that I'm not allowed to, or can't fully do, here as a coach on The Voice," Aguilera told ET on Monday, backstage at the NBC reality show. "This is unedited information, one-on-one with the viewer."

In addition to teaching breath control, technique and how to emotionally connect with the material, the six-time GRAMMY winner is focused on promoting artistic individuality through the course.

"Every singer is so different, sometimes you need to embrace and really explore your own personal style," she said. "That's what coaching is about to me. It's not about having all the black or white, this is right, this is wrong, kind of answers. There are things I can give insight and shed light on. Experience is the best teacher for me, but if I can then give information to help the student explore their own individuality as an artist, then that's a really rewarding thing."

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Aguilera laughs about the prospect of finding her second calling as a teacher, but credits her kids -- son Max, 8, and daughter Summer, 1 -- with bringing out her nurturing side.

"I care!" she said. "I think it comes naturally to me, and I'm a mom, too, so it's like, I like to see people succeed and I like to see good people do well."

Aguilera opened up even more about her adorable baby girl and her love of "theatrical" fashion in our interview. Watch below!

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