Demi Lovato Goes Off on Twitter: 'I'm Tired of Sharing My Story With the World'

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The singer seemed fed up with negative online comments in her late-night rant.

Uh-oh. Demi Lovato had a “midnight rant” on Twitter early Thursday morning. The “Stone Cold” singer got candid with her almost 36 million followers, though she didn’t explain what sparked the outburst.

“Sometimes there’s more to the story,” she began. “Sometimes there’s more s**t going on than you see. Maybe you DONT know every aspect of my life so maybe you shouldn’t assume you know.”

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Her next tweet was more troubling. She wrote, “Maybe I’m tired of sharing my story with the world.”

Hopefully this just means a brief social media hiatus and not a break from making glorious pop ballads… ‘cause that would seriously give us a “Heart Attaaaaaack.”

The mental health advocate went on to write, “Maybe my midnight rants are a part of my bipolar disorder. Can’t change being crazy.. But you can press unfollow.”

The Disney Channel alum didn’t stop there, adding, “Or maybe I rant online because people assume they know things and their entitlement to know makes me feel obligated to defend myself.”

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Indicating that her anger-fueled tweets had something to do with negative online comments, she wrote, “Imagine the love of ur life/biggest crush finding out u spend time on the internet commenting negative s**t about celebrities.. Embarrassed? Imagine your grandparents finding out you spend your free time being an internet troll to celebrities you don’t even know. Or imagine telling your future children how you spent more time cyber bullying strangers than you did building a better future for them.”

She concluded the rant, writing, “At least I’m honest. I’d rather annoy people with my honesty and loud opinions than stay silent and be fake as f**k. #lasttweetofthenight #goingtosleep.”

Lovato didn’t clarify exactly what she was talking about, but on Tuesday she got candid about the Met Gala, posting a picture of herself with Nicki Minaj and designer Jeremy Scott.

“This picture pretty much summed up my first and probably last met,” she captioned the post, using “#sof**kingawkward.”