Jaimie Alexander Gets a Huge Beetle Tattoo on Her Hip -- See the Pics!

Jaimie Alexander's new ink is definitely daring.

Jaimie Alexander just got some sizeable new ink.

The 32-year-old Blindspot actress recently got a giant tattoo of a beetle on her hip, and showed it off to her Instagram followers.

"Tattoo time with the incredible @joshualord #finally," she first teased, posting a pic of herself drinking a beer as her tattoo artist, Joshua Lord, went to work.

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Lord eventually posted a snap of the finished product on his own Instagram account, which covers a large portion of Alexander's enviably flat stomach.

And she couldn't be happier with the results. The actress later posted a close-up of the bug tat.

"Finished. #thankful," she wrote.

In a February interview with Shape magazine, Alexander -- who is covered in fake tattoos for her role in Blindspot -- revealed she has nine real-life tattoos, including one for each of her four brothers, Brady, David, Chance and Matt.

"This has been such a cool role for me to play because, honestly, if I weren't an actress, I'd be fully sleeved with tattoos anyway," she admitted.

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But the newly single Alexander isn't the only celeb with an affinity for bug tattoos. Last November, actress Kaley Cuoco got a moth tattoo on her back to cover up ink that celebrated her marriage to her now ex, Ryan Sweeting.

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