Prince Harry Is 'Panicking' About Getting Old, Wants to Make Princess Diana 'Incredibly Proud'

Prince Harry gets candid about aging, and honoring his late mother's legacy.

Prince Harry is already known as the fun, charismatic royal, but even he worries about eventually losing his youthful rep.

In an intimate new sit-down with People, Harry, 31, admits that he started "panicking" five years ago about aging.

"Five years ago was the first time I actually started panicking, thinking to myself that I'm losing touch -- that I don’t play Xbox or PlayStation anymore," he shares. "And when I do, I play against other people's kids -- they kick my arse. It’s great fun, but I associate little things like that with being out of touch."

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Namely, Harry worries about being the uncool, older guy in the room.

"If I want to carry on doing the things I love and trying to make a difference, I have to be engaged with kids, and they have to think, 'He’s relatively cool, we'll go along with him,'" Harry explains. "What I don’t want to do is to turn up at a school and they say, 'Who's that joker? He's 31 years old and boring and doesn't have a clue!'"

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If we're judging by Harry's recent people-pleasing trip to Nepal in March -- where he obviously delighted kids and adults alike -- he doesn't have to worry about that. He does, however, constantly strive to honor his late mother, Princess Diana, who died when Harry was just 12 years old. He candidly shares that her death left a "gaping hole" in his family.

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"When she died, there was a gaping hole, not just for us but also for a huge amount of people across the world," Harry reflects. "If I can try and fill a very small part of that, then job done. I will have to, in a good way, spend the rest of my life trying to fill that void as much as possible. And so will William."

"All I want to do is make my mother incredibly proud," he stresses. "That's all I've ever wanted to do. ... I know I've got a lot of my mother in me. I am doing a lot of things that she would probably do."

When it comes to having his own kids, the currently single Harry is in no hurry.

"There have been moments through life, especially when we do a tour abroad, when I think, 'I'd love to have kids now.' . . . And then there are other times when I bury my head in the sand going, 'All right, don't need kids!'" he admits.

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"There's no rush," he adds. "I tell you what: There's been times I've been put off having children. I've got a couple of mates and being around their children just brings me back down."

Still, he definitely wants to be the "fun uncle" to his nephew, 2-year-old Prince George, and his 1-year-old niece, Charlotte.

"Nobody wants to be boring," he quips.

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Harry seems to have changed his tune from last May, when he said that he would love to have his own family "right now."

"There come times when you think now is the time to settle down, or now is not, whatever way it is, but I don't think you can force these things -- it will happen when it's going to happen," he told Sky News. "Of course, I would love to have kids right now, but there's a process that one has to go through and... tours like this [his tour of New Zealand] are great fun."

He also, of course, wants to find the right girl.

"Hopefully I'm doing all right by myself," he mused. "It would be great to have someone else next to me to share the pressure. But, you know, time will come and whatever happens, happens."

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