Jada Pinkett Smith Gets Sweet Mother's Day Messages From Jaden, Willow and Will Smith

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Jada Pinkett Smith is one lucky lady -- and now there's a TV special to prove it.

The 44-year-old actress is toasted by her husband, Will Smith, and kids during VH1's Dear Mama event, airing Sunday, May 8 at 9 p.m. ET/PT. Though Will claims he is going to take his speech seriously, he leaves the audience in stitches when he immediately brings up the couple's sex life.

"I'm here to honor you and just watching the piece with the kids, it just takes me back to, um, when we made them," Will explains as their children hide their faces in embarrassment. "Can't help but think about that."

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Jada's kids had some sweet words for their mom too, with Willow Smith saying, "Whenever I have a problem or something that I feel like I can't figure out, I'm always like, 'What would mommy do? How would she approach the situation? What would Jada do?'"

"I just want to say that I love you, mom, so much. You're the guide of my heart, my soul, my mind," the 15-year-old singer gushes. "I love you so much and Happy Mother's Day."

Her 23-year-old stepson, Trey Smith, chimes in, "Honestly, ma, like, I literally appreciate you so, so much. I'm so blessed to have you as my bonus mother in my life. Thank you for being you."

And then there's Jaden Smith, whose Mother's Day message is...very Jaden Smith.

"I wouldn't be the way that I am without you, so it's no way for me to really express to you or to anybody how I truly feel about you, because it's not a feeling. It's the living of my life that's an expression of you," the 17-year-old actor and model says. "I'm really, like, your painting or a movie that, like, you have made somehow but that you feel like it might be getting bigger than you physically and emotionally. I just want to take this time to say that I really, really love you and that the way that I feel about you is just unconceivable to me and to you."

Jada recently joked about only having a "couple more months" of her kids and opened up about her parenting advice exclusively with ET. Check out what she had to say in the video below.