Tom Brady Says His $200 Cookbook Is the Secret to 'Achieving Your Peak Performance'

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Tom Brady is revealing his diet plan and the secrets to his incredible physique -- but don't expect to get his tips and tricks without paying the big bucks!

On Wednesday, the NFL pro shared a post from his sports endurance company, TB12, via Facebook, announcing the release of his new limited-edition TB12 Nutrition Manual.

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"I wanted to share with you guys another step toward achieving your peak performance," the 38-year-old wrote. "Check it out you will love it! #ididntcomethisfartooonlycomethisfar."

According to the description, the manual is a "living document" that contains information about "core TB12 nutritional philosophies" and features a library of 89 seasonally-inspired recipes, including Brady's infamous avocado ice cream. It's "designed to be modified and expanded over time," as additional pages will be sent to purchasers as new and modified recipes are updated by Brady and the TB12 team.

The catch? It retails for $200!

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Although the price seems a bit outrageous, it didn't stop Brady superfans from pulling out their wallets and making an immediate purchase. A message on the store site reveals that the first edition is already sold out. But have no worries, because a second edition is on its way, and you can pre-order it now.

And everyone thought Gwyneth Paltrow's Goop products were over-priced...

Back in January, Brady's dietary restrictions were revealed by he and wife Gisele Bundchen's personal chef, Allan Campbell.

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Campbell told that the Brady-Bundchen family eats 80 percent organic and fresh vegetables, avoiding white sugar, white flour, gluten and MSG.

To hear more on their healthy eating habits, watch the video below.