Dog Mom Demi Lovato Wishes Herself a Very Happy Mother's Day

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Demi Lovato celebrated Mother's Day by cuddling up to her dog, Batman.

The "Stone Cold" singer couldn't resist sharing a sweet snap of herself snuggling up to her pooch. Over the Snapchat she wrote, "Happy Mother's Day to me!!!" along with four pink heart emojis.


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Lovato, 23, also posted a photo of her longtime boyfriend, Wilmer Valderrama, staring into Batman's eyes as they sat in the car, which she captioned "Daddy" with another heart emoji.


It makes a lot of sense that Lovato and Valderrama dote over their dog, as last year, they had a few devastating months when it came to their pets.

First, her dog, Buddy, died in July 2015 in a what Lovato described as "a tragic accident." Then five months later, the couple lost their Doberman Pinscher, Spawn. Valderamma was devastated after he lost his pup of eight years, penning a lengthy post on Instagram after his death.

"Yesterday, I said goodbye to my handsome boy Spawn, this year has been quite a roller coaster," the 36-year-old actor wrote on Dec. 27, 2015. "Lots of emotions and lots thresholds crossed. This boy was there for it all.."

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Yesterday, I said goodbye to my handsome boy Spawn, this year has been quite a roller coaster.. Lots of emotions and lots thresholds crossed. This boy was there for it all.. 8 years worth of memories and ups and downs. since he was a puppy he had this human like presence, everyone that knew this boy know exactly what I'm talking about.. No matter what I'd be going through he just knew and would rest his little head on my lap as if saying "dad it's never that bad".. I would immediately smile and say "ok ok you're right". He had this presence, I mean he was just so freaking handsome.. Bitches loved him and lads wanted to be him HAHA.. He loved people and people LOVED him.. He was the BEST and perfect dog.. So polite, so welcoming and just good GOOD boy.. I have never had such a loving dog.. He just loved being around us all.. He never lost his innocence.. He would keep my mom company all day.. Wherever she move he'd follow as if taking care of her. Spawn my boy you completed our family.. You were the alpha and my son.. I saw you go from a little pup with your ears taped to the most beautiful Doberman I have ever seen.. I love you so much and I am going to miss you so freaking much.. Touching you and kissing you for the last time last night was so painful.. I just kept thinking I hope he's feeling my touch and hearing me say he was my son and that I loved him.. But I know he knows!! Spawn! now go play with Buddy.. I'm sure he'll be less annoyed this time.. I hope you are both sharing treats and running together.. I miss you both. Two little wolves and #Wolfpack Family in heaven.. Be good spawnie till I see you again.. And don't worry about Lucy, we are gonna take care of her till its time for her to see you. #RIPSpawn WV Part 1

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Batman was a bright spot last year, especially since Lovato got him for her birthday in August.

The massive amounts of love aren't saved just for her animals, however. Lovato recently gushed over Valderamma, who she admitted was "more passionate" than her previous boyfriends. Find out why in the video below.