Selena Gomez and Orlando Bloom Spotted Getting 'Physical' in Las Vegas Club -- What Really Went Down?

Plus, get the latest on Katy Perry's trip to the Renaissance Faire!

Perhaps Selena Gomez really can't keep her hands to herself...

The 23-year-old pop star was spotted getting "VERY physical" with Orlando Bloom, at least according to TMZ. The blurry snapshots show Selena and the 39-year-old actor hugging in a booth at LIGHT nightclub in Las Vegas, Nevada, on Saturday.

But what really went down? And where was Bloom's girlfriend, Katy Perry?

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While the photos may appear...suspect, the two stars were not hitting the Vegas clubs together. Selena was hosting the official after-party for her Revival tour at LIGHT at Mandalay Bay, while Orlando happened to be there for a friend's bachelor party.

At one point in the night, the Lord of the Rings actor found Selena to say hi, an eyewitness inside LIGHT nightclub tells ET. The girlfriends Selena was with hit the dance floor, leaving Orlando and Selena in the booth alone -- that is, aside from the security surrounding her table.

"There was leg touching, hugging, talking closely, but no one saw kissing," we're told. "They definitely did not leave together."

Romance rumors
have followed Selena and Orlando for years, but another source insists they really are just friends. "They have the same manager and are close friends. Selena is also very friendly and touchy-feely," the source says. "Katy and Orlando are very in love and doing great."

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So, where was Katy over the weekend? Back in L.A. hitting up the Renaissance Pleasure Faire in Irwindale, California, on Saturday with friends. The pop star was "all smiles" and captioned an Instagram of her riding a flying dragon, "No, you're high."

That same day, the "Roar" singer tweeted, "What's the cut off age of being able to say 'I want to grow old with you' like 50? 65? 31? :-/" (It's worth pointing out that Perry is 31.)

"Katy and Orlando are the real deal and are totally in love. We've never seen Katy this happy and so smitten," a source previously revealed to ET. "They are head over heels for each other."

ET has reached out to reps for Katy, Orlando and Selena.

Meanwhile, Selena recently admitted that she is dating but she doesn't "trust anybody." Find out what else she said -- like why she has a weakness for bad boys -- in the video below.