Gwyneth Paltrow Recommends $15K Gold Sex Toy in Goop's First-Ever Sex Issue

The 'No-So-Basic Sex Toys' guide includes a beginner's kit for BDSM and lots of other sexy surprises.

Welcome to Goop after dark!

Gwyneth Paltrow's lifestyle brand explores all things sex -- "from the uninhibited and voyeuristic, to the fun and playful" -- in their latest issue, and you didn't think the Queen of Goop was using the same sex toys the rest of us were, did you?

Behold, the $15,000 Inez or, as the Goop guide puts it, "Yep, it's a 24-karat gold dildo."


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"Sex toys have long since graduated from the floppy rubber things you hide in your bedside table to beautiful works of interactive art," the so-called "No-So-Basic Sex Toys" guide explains. Some other highlights?


If $15K is too much to spend on a gold, ahem, massager, there's the more realistically priced Tiana, which comes with a remote -- "Because sharing is caring," Goop says -- and costs $399. Or perhaps this Agent Provocateur whip for $535. ("So pretty, you'll be tempted to leave it out.")


Fifty Shades of Goop is a common theme here, as the guide includes an Adore Me Pleasure Set with silk and suede cuffs for $189, or, if you're really looking for a bargain, the Fetish Fantasy Gold Beginners Kit which includes a blindfold, paddle and handcuffs for $37.99.

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While the NSFW newsletter is certainly all fun and games, Paltrow also calls it one of "their most important issue yet."

"It made us feel awkward, and shy, and like we were doing something dangerous -- when we intellectually know that it shouldn't be that way," she writes. "That female sexuality isn't taboo, that it isn't embarrassing, and that it shouldn't be wrapped up in so much shame. Even though so many of us have been trained to blush and giggle and joke and duck our eyes. I have those exact same impulses."

The 43-year-old actress previously echoed those sentiments when she discussed "true sexuality" with Self magazine.

"We have this idea that you can't be a mother and a businesswoman and like to have sex!" she said. "How is an intelligent woman a sexual being? It's really hard to integrate those things. Like, 'Gwyneth has sex? Really?' It doesn't seem to go together. But I think it's important, as mothers and as women contributing to society in whatever way we each are, that our true sexuality doesn't get lost or put aside."

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