EXCLUSIVE: Duncan Jones Says Late Father David Bowie Was 'Proud' of Him, Is 'Excited' About His First Baby

The 'Warcraft' director opened up to ET about showing his father a rough cut of his fantasy epic before the music icon's death in January.

Filmmaker Duncan Jones is opening up about his late father, music legend David Bowie, and how he felt about his upcoming directorial effort, Warcraft.

"He was just excited for me to be branching out and trying out different things," Jones shared with ET's Angelique Jackson at a press junket on Wednesday.

The 44-year-old BAFTA Award-winning filmmaker, best known for his indie sci-fi projects Moon and Source Code, is currently anticipating the release of his fantasy epic Warcraft, a live-action adaptation of the beloved massive multiplayer online role playing game.

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"[My dad] taught me a lot of things, but one of them was to be brave and to go with what feels right. And for me, you know, having an opportunity to do this [film] felt right," Jones explained.

Bowie died of cancer in January at the age of 69, but before his death, the "Space Oddity" singer was able to see what his son had been working on with his new film.

"He got the chance to see an early rough cut, and, you know, he's a dad, so he was proud," Jones said. "He was proud back then and I'm sure he would have been proud of the finished one."

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The long-awaited action epic hits screens in June. However, it's not the only special arrival coming next month that Jones is looking forward to -- he's also expecting to welcome his first child with wife Rodene Ronquillo!

"I'm so excited," Jones gushed, revealing that their baby is due "within a week or two" of his film's release. "So it's going to be a crazy June."

Jones said that, while he's "incredibly excited" about Warcraft, he's already done "all the hard work," and now the film is "on its way [and] it will do its own thing." What he's really going to be focusing on now is the brand new project of fatherhood.

"I've got this other baby [that] I' ve got to be, you know, responsible for and worrying about now," Jones explained.

Warcraft explodes into theaters June 10.

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