Susan Sarandon Flaunts Massive Cleavage on the Red Carpet at Cannes -- See the Pics!

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Someone cover Piers Morgan's eyes!

Susan Sarandon is serving up cleavage for days in the south of France. The 69-year-old Academy Award winner hit the red carpet for the Cannes premiere of Money Monster on Thursday and showed off more than a little skin in a sexy trench coat-esque dress.

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There really is only one thing to say here: Yaaas, Susan! Yaaas!

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And lest you believe that old rule that claims you can't show off cleavage and legs, well, consider this exhibit A of why that is clearly not true:

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Is this pose still called "pulling an Angelina Jolie"? If so, we're officially renaming it.

TLDR: We're Naomi Watts in this pic and we're loving everything Sarandon is selling.

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Anyway, it's a far cry from the -- literally -- buttoned-up look the Meddler star rocked at the Café Society premiere on Wednesday.

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If you don't recall Sarandon's Twitter spat with Morgan over her cleavage, it went down after the TV personality called her SAG Awards ensemble "horribly inappropriate." Sarandon had the best response ever -- and then told ET that Morgan "has way too much time on his hands."

Check it out in the video below.