EXCLUSIVE PICS: Ozzy Osbourne's Alleged Mistress Steps Out as He and Sharon Reunite for Press Conference

Michelle Pugh was spotted back at work at a salon in Beverly Hills on Thursday.

Ozzy Osbourne’s alleged mistress, Michelle Pugh, was spotted back at work at Meche Salon in Beverly Hills, California on Thursday, around the same time Ozzy and estranged wife Sharon were reuniting for a stilted press conference about the rocker’s upcoming Ozzfest performances.


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Ozzy has allegedly been carrying on an “emotional affair” with Michelle, which Sharon, 63, apparently discovered by going through the 67-year-old rocker’s emails. The Talk host recently made the difficult decision to leave her husband of 33 years because of the “double life” he’s been leading.

"Sharon has put up with a lot over the course of their marriage and there have been other dramatic things that have happened with them in the past, but this is the first long-time affair Sharon has found out about," a source close to the family told ET. "This is an emotional affair -- it wasn't just a one-time hookup. There are feelings there between Ozzy and this woman. This is a double life he’s been leading -- and that's what upset Sharon the most and made her leave him."


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However, Ozzy and Sharon are still linked, through their three children as well as their professional career. Sharon told ET on Thursday that she supported Ozzy at the couple’s first public appearance since news of the alleged affair broke because, “it’s business.”

"This is my business, you know? This is what I do," she added. "People have forgotten, because they see me every day on the chat show, but this is still the other half of my life."

The estranged pair shared an awkward moment onstage during the press conference, when Ozzy tried to hug and kiss Sharon on the cheek. The rocker, who continues to wear his wedding band, told ET backstage that his wife is still the mastermind behind his musical career.

"She's everything for me," he added. "She's great."

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Sharon remained diplomatic, though she did admit it was nice to hear Ozzy’s compliments.

"We've been working together, my lord, since '76. That's how long we've been working together. Before we were married," she added. "It's been a long time."

See more from the pair’s awkward appearance in the video below.

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