Katy Perry Calls the Orlando Bloom and Selena Gomez Rumors a 'Dumb Conspiracy'

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In standard Katy Perry fashion, the "Roar" singer tweeted another cryptic message on Thursday that seemed to discredit the rumors about her boyfriend Orlando Bloom and Selena Gomez.

"Instead of giving energy and eyeballs to dumb conspiracy, check out how cool this is," Perry tweeted along with a link to a Time article about Bloom's efforts as a UNICEF goodwill ambassador.

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Romance rumors between Bloom and Gomez were reignited earlier this week when the two were spotted getting close inside LIGHT nightclub in Las Vegas over the weekend.

"There was leg touching, hugging, talking closely, but no one saw kissing," an eyewitness told ET. "They definitely did not leave together."

A source insists to ET that Bloom, 39, and Gomez, 23, are just friends.

Gomez weighed in on the rumors as well, retweeting Perry's "dumb conspiracy" post. Gomez also seemed to throw her support behind Perry's classy response to the speculation, tweeting, "#killemwithkindness -one day they'll get it lol."

Perry's latest tweet follows a cryptic subtweet on Wednesday, in which the 31-year-old pop star shared a link to Peggy Lee's "Is That All There Is?."

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"And then I fell in love, with the most wonderful boy in the world," Lee sings in the jazz staple.

"We would take long walks by the river

Or just sit for hours gazing into each other's eyes.

We were so very much in love.

Then one day, he went away and I thought I'd die.

But I didn't.

And when I didn't I said to myself, 'Is that all there is to love?'"

Before this week's drama, a source told ET that Perry and Bloom were "head over heels for each other."

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"Katy and Orlando are the real deal and are totally in love," the source said. "We've never seen Katy this happy and so smitten."