Gigi Hadid Downs a Cheeseburger With Jimmy Fallon, Gets Intensely Competitive Playing 'Catchphrase'


The supermodel celebrated her 21st birthday by eating a delicious New York burger.

Corset top or not, Gigi Hadid is always down for a giant cheeseburger! The supermodel appeared on The Tonight Show on Monday night where she talked to host Jimmy Fallon about her 21st birthday celebrations.

“On my actual birthday I spent at the beach with my family,” she explained. “The week later I went to Vegas and my boyfriend [Zayn Malik] taught me how to play poker the night before I went to Vegas. That was really exciting. On a $15 poker table. Or was it blackjack?”

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Fallon explained that he also wanted to celebrate Hadid’s birthday, but that he didn’t want to give her a shot. Instead, he had one of the model’s favorite foods on hand – burgers!

“[My best friend and I] decided we were going to try a new burger every week and find the best burger in New York, so my first year in New York that’s what we did,” Hadid explained, added that “J.G. Melon” in uptown Manhattan was the best she’d found.

Of course, Fallon brought out a J.G. Melon cheeseburger, which the stunning star happily grabbed and took a giant bite out of.

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Yolanda Foster’s daughter also proved she was game for anything, teaming up with Andy Samberg to play a game of “Catchphrase.”

“I just want to say this is so fun, man,” Samberg said. “It’s so fun to be here with you guys I don’t care who wins.”

“I do!” Hadid declared. “Andy, you have to care who wins!”

Watch the clips to see what happened!