Zac Efron Reveals What It Would Take for Him to Go Full Frontal in a Movie

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Zac Efron doesn't have any qualms about flashing his six-pack abs on camera, but he does have some stipulations when it comes to shooting a full-frontal scene.

"Let’s just say I'm not opposed to anything," the 28-year-old actor tells ELLE magazine. "But if you’re gonna pull your d**k out, it'd better be for an Academy Award-winning movie."

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Your move, Hollywood!

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Efron has come a long way in his career since completing a stint in rehab in 2013. The former Disney star credits his sobriety for giving his life "structure."

"That led me to a balance of opposites: You get out of life what you put in. There was a moment when my morning routine was, like, 'Get up and Google yourself.' But that stopped, dramatically and instantly, probably three years ago," he shares. "I realized that viewing yourself through other people’s pictures is not living your own life. I wasn’t really being myself. A lot of my hobbies had gone out the window. I couldn’t skateboard or surf for fear of being followed. Crossing the line of fear is what leads to greatness."

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Efron is busy promoting his upcoming comedy, Neighbors 2, hitting theaters on May 20, and admits that he wasn't sure how co-star Seth Rogen felt about him when they first met. "I was at a party. I was maybe 20. At the time, even a teenager’s opinion of me was pretty low. I wouldn’t say I was a fan of my work, you know?" he quips. "I went up and shook Seth’s hand. I was like, 'You probably don’t know who I am. Or you hate me.' And he’s like, 'Oh man. You’re gonna end up being a nice guy, aren’t you?' He expected me to be the cockiest a**hole in the world."

It was clear Rogen was a fan of his handsome co-star when ET caught up with him on the Neighbors 2 set. "Zac does Zac," he joked when asked about his Efron's buff bod and workout routines. "It annoys him more than it annoys me."