EXCLUSIVE: Chewbacca Mom Reveals She Tried Out for 'The Voice' Twice Before Becoming Facebook Famous!

Candace Payne talks viral 'Star Wars' video and how her kids are reacting to her newfound fame.

Turns out crazy things don't just happen in a galaxy far, far away...

On Thursday, Candace Payne was a housewife living in Dallas, Texas -- until she bought a Star Wars mask from her local Kohl's, wore it to record a hilarious Facebook video that millions upon millions of people watched, and now she's everyone's favorite new viral star, "Chewbacca Mom."

"It's surreal. I know you can quantify it, because it tells you, '20 million views.' But you cannot quantify the experience," Payne tells ET's Jennifer Peros of the video, which is now up to 137 million views. "You can't quantify what it feels like to know that many people are out there in the Internet webs, watching. It's crazy."

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Now, the mother of two is making appearances on Good Morning America and ET caught up with her on her way to Los Angeles -- for the very first time -- to appear on The Late Late Show With James Corden.

"I was taking something back, so I had store credit. So, I bought it with store credit even," Payne recalls of the treat she purchased for herself as a late birthday present. After recording the most-viewed Facebook Live video ever, however, she's apparently hearing words like "publicist" and "agent."

"That word would never have been in my vocabulary ever! I had to tell someone I had to be in hair and makeup and I don't even know what that means! That's hysterical in and of itself!" she says with a laugh. "This is probably the 11th time I've worn makeup."

That said, this actually isn't Payne's first brush with Hollywood.

"I auditioned for The Voice," she reveals. "I didn't get a callback after that. [I've been singing] my whole life! I sing and play guitar and write music...I've got some gifts and talents I would love to use."

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So, what do her kids -- a 7-year-old daughter and 6-year-old son -- think of their mom's newfound fame?

"My daughter's class watched it on Friday. She told me when she got home, 'Mom, I'm so popular because of you. Thank you. I'm just popular,'" Payne explains. "I just started laughing at her. I was like, 'We're going to bring down that in just a couple seconds.'"

"My son, he was kind of ticked off after he watched the video," she adds. "He was like, 'Mom, I really don't get a mask?'"

Luckily for him, Kohl's sent over a mask for everyone in the family, which means there will be plenty of laughter in the Payne household -- because mom is still laughing every time she puts the mask on! "I can't fake the laugh. But something happens when he makes the sound!" she proves to ET as she dons the Chewbacca mask for us. "It gets me every time. It really does."

Meanwhile, the Star Wars: The Force Awakens cast ruined the Chewbacca costume with constant hugs. Find out more in the video below.