Paul McCartney Talks Collaborating With 'Crazy' Kanye West, Says 'He's a Monster' Who 'Comes Up With Great Stu

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Yeezy’s biggest fan! Sir Paul McCartney is a big Kanye West supporter, despite the rapper’s controversial persona. During the BBC Radio 4 Mastertapes series, the 73-year-old Beatles legend opened up about collaborating with West for the hit song “FourFiveSeconds,” which also features Rihanna.

“I love Kanye,” McCartney said. “People say he’s eccentric, which you’d have to agree with, but he’s a monster, yeah. He’s a crazy guy that comes up with great stuff. He inspires me.”

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McCartney revealed that they’d worked together briefly before West spent some time on the song and came back with drastic changes.

“You just work with him and you leave him for a little while and let it marinate and hope he gets back to you,” the British star said.

McCartney also had a hand in the beat for West’s song “All Day.”

“It’s a great record, but when I got it, and I heard it, quite a few people said, ‘You can’t be connected with this. There’s like 40 ‘N-words,’” he recalled. “I said, ‘Yeah, but it’s Kanye and he’s talking about an urban generation who uses that word in a completely different way,’ so I was actually pleased with it.”

Yeezy fans also hilariously confused McCartney for a new artist back in January 2015, when he collaborated with West for the rapper’s song “Only One.”

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Of course McCartney has been around for decades, first as a member of the iconic group The Beatles before going solo.

“I was depressed at the time,” McCartney told BBC Radio of when The Beatles split in 1970. “It was very depressing because you were breaking from your life-long friends.”

He went on to talk about his struggle with substance abuse, saying, “I took to the bevvies. I took to a wee dram. It was great at first… I was a bit far gone, and then suddenly I wasn’t having a good time. It wasn’t working.”