EXCLUSIVE: Torrey Devitto on 'Pretty Little Liars' Season 7: Could Melissa Be Charlotte's Killer?

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Pretty Little Liars
returns to Freeform on June 21 – but for all of you anxious fans who are already giddy, we have some season seven scoop!

Torrey Devitto
recently took ET into the mysterious mind of her character, Melissa Hastings, and told us she’s also still trying to figure out if she really is a villain or a hero.

“It's really interesting, every time I go in I feel like she changes script by script,” Torrey said. “Once I feel like I’ve got a grasp on her, something new comes about. I’ve been playing this character for six years and I feel like I’m constantly learning new things about her.”

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“I think she has good intentions, just kind of goes about things the wrong way sometimes,” she explained.

Case in point: Melissa admitted to burying Bethany Young alive awhile back in order to protect Spencer. But, does this mean she was capable of killing Charlotte?

“You never know,” she teased, “I think, on this show especially, anything is possible. “

So what about the whole suitcase handle situation?!

“I think they set things up so that you get distracted from what could potentially be the truth,” she added. “This show is like a jigsaw puzzle, you're constantly trying to put it together and the pieces just don’t fit.”

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And sure, Melissa and Spencer have gone through their share of ups and downs and shared boyfriends – but Torrey thinks Melissa truly has her little sister’s best interest at heart.

“It's not a sisterly relationship that I would particularly want in my family,” she shared. “But, at the end of the day, as crazy as everything is they have had each other's back in very odd, pseudo-aggressive ways here and there… I personally don’t think she’s trying to do her harm. “

But, the actress quickly added, “That could change, too.”

Maybe that’s because Melissa still has some resentment towards Spencer? And the fact Spencer moved in on Caleb doesn’t surprise her one bit.

“Melissa said, you know, ‘shopping out of other people's carts,’ I mean that is very true… I can't help but feel bitter for Melissa because it's a cause of concern! She's always dating other people's boyfriends .”

Like us, Torrey is still holding hope for “Spoby.”

“I think they're a good relationship, I like that one,” she admitted. “I vote for them - Toby and Spencer!”

As for Melissa’s love life? Torrey tells ET she’s still working out her season 7 return to Rosewood – and isn’t sure if fans can expect to see Wren either.

“I just think it would be nice to finish out Melissa… I feel like she needs it for the fans of the show and also for the character - I feel like I owe it to her to really like play that story out,” she said.

“I want there to be a big reveal. I want it to be a good tying up of her and a good explanation of her - I think everyone deserves an explanation of what she's hiding, why she’s always been so secretive, and what makes her so edgy all the time… I thought it was enough that she buried the girl, so who knows what else she has in her closet.”

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It’s been a busy month for Torrey. Season one of her new show, Chicago Med, just ended – and she has a new man!

ET confirmed the actress is dating Dancing With the Stars pro Artem Chigvintsevearlier this month. The pair made their red carpet debut last week – and while the actress told ET she had never watched DWTS before they got together – she does now!

“I have recently. I went to the show last week and it was so much fun,” she gushed.

Torrey is also the ambassador of Philosophy’s Hope & Grace Initiative, which supports mental health awareness, and has been vocal about her own anxiety disorder.

“I have had anxiety for as long as I can remember and a lot of family and friends do as well,” she told ET. “I just feel like people should feel comfortable to say that. You need to know and understand that it doesn't take away from your power in the workplace or your power as a person or as a woman or a man - you can still be all those powerful things and have anxiety or still be depressed... I just think people should feel comfortable talking about it, it's totally OK.”