'Jeopardy' Contestant Who Keeps Winning Is Making Everyone Mad

Is this guy the best or THE WORST?

Oh, we can't even handle Buzzy Cohen right now.

The Jeopardy contestant, who is currently on an impressive run, amassing nearly $150,000 and winning eight days in a row, has earned himself a legion of haters simply because he knows how smart he is.

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Adding fuel to the fire, Cohen has been answering his Final Jeopardy questions with tongue-in-cheek answers that are so smugly aware he has won, yet again, and even host Alex Trebek seems to be having a hard time dealing with it.

Watch below:

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But, say what you will about Cohen, at the very least, his run has been entertaining to watch in an infuriating kind of way.

Watch the video below to see this round of Final Jeopardy end in maybe the saddest, most embarrassing way possible.