Chrissy Teigen Attempts to Go Vegan, Fails After 12 Hours


Chrissy Teigen's love for food has reached a whole new level!

The 30-year-old model, who recently released a cookbook and frequently posts pictures of what she's whipping up in the kitchen with husband John Legend, took to Twitter on Wednesday to share a funny story about how she tried to go vegan, but epically failed.

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"I have been vegan for 12 hours and I've said it 14 times today," Teigen wrote.

Just ten minutes later, however, she shared another tweet that read, "and now it is time for rib eye wednesdays. don't question my veganism."

"Chrissy vegan," she wrote in another update.

Fans were quick to tease Teigen on her new diet, jokingly tweeting her about cheese, hot dogs and other non-vegan foods. Judging by her replies, she didn't seem to mind -- she just kept reminding her 1.57 million followers that she was trying hard to stay strong.

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So strong, in fact, that she even tweeted President Barack Obama to let him know of her new, official dietary restrictions, writing, "I'm a vegan."

Unfortunately, her aspirations to become a vegan didn't last very long. She posted a pic of herself laying her head on Legend's shoulder as he spooned red meat onto his dinner plate.

"That was fun. my book, the 12 hour vegan, out now," Teigen captioned it.

Well, 'A' for effort, right?

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Earlier this month, ET caught up with Teigen in New York City where she couldn't stop gushing over her and Legend's newborn daughter, Luna. "It's been really exciting and fun, and every day is so different, and seeing all her little changes is so cute," she dished.

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