Ryan Gosling Says Women Are Better Than Men, Proves He's A Perfect Human Being

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Between two daughters and girlfriend Eva Mendes, Ryan Gosling is easily outnumbered by the ladies in his house, and he likes it that way because women are “better than men” according to the actor.

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Gosling explained his feminist rationale in an interview with the UK’s Evening Standard magazine. "I think women are better than men," he said. "They are stronger, more evolved. You can tell especially when you have daughter and you see their early stages, they are just leaps and bounds beyond boys immediately."

The 35-year-old star has been accustomed to a house full of women long before he became a father. Gosling’s mother raised him and his sister on her own after divorcing their father.

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It’s safe to say that Gosling’s so adorable, even dogs love him.

Could he be more perfect?

Watch Gosling explain bringing “feminine energy” to his new film, The Nice Guys, in the video below.  

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